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To a Place of Magickal Enchantments - Lebanon Indiana

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Psychic and Life coaching services


I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND C.E. LLC!!ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SOUL!! Just the kind of people you want to support!!!I am absolutely thrilled with my experience!!! Amazing treasures and amazing service!!!!There is something wonderful just waiting for you to find!! There is something for every taste and style as well. You will so thankful you found this place!!

Michelle de Ryk

I ordered a green cats eye crystal ball and when I got it in it did not disappoint. It was beyond beautiful . It was exactly what was calling my name. This is an incredible and valuable crystal to add to my use. Thank you for your time spent with me to get just what I needed and the grade of the item purchased. Much Love

Alicia Mae Sky Martin

Great prices and selection !

Amanda Perez